A business strategy, product development process, backend and API, brand personality, product roadmap, and marketing approach. What does it have in common?

Answer: It’s all predefined for a product designer.

We even have a name for that: design scope.

It seems like there is not much left for a product designer to be creative and create something new.

But why do most tech companies still have product design as one of their three core pillars, along with product management and engineering?

That’s because product designers have one unique superpower that could change everything from the first paragraph—we assurance collective confidence.

We help businesses connect with their customers. We help product managers prioritise the right approach. We help engineers build the right things.

“Product designer gives assurance collective confidence to the product team and its business”

We do that through convert the customers’ needs into tangible experiences. Sometimes, we give people things they don’t even know they need (yet).

We research our customers need to make creative assumptions and create rapid prototyping to observe how people interact with new concepts and ideas.

The customers gave us that power, and it does not rely on a business or the product team, which sets product designers apart from other experts.

Businesses know what they want, but designers understand what their customers need. 

It’s a product designer’s job to help businesses want what they need and ensure the product team build things right at the right things.

That was the superpower of product designers.