Designer and constantly curious learner, currently Principal Product Designer at Finder, ex design studio owner and other stuff

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I’ve been explored:

FinTech, Crypto, Home Loans, Construction, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Social well-being, Energy comparison and more

What I do:

UX Consultant, Digital Product Design, Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Traveling, Making Music and more fun stuff

I’ve been around:



Why did you choose Design?

I dream of being a rockstar; every time I sing, my wife tells me to keep my day job. By the way, I think living a life of service to others is an enormous privilege, and design is the best way to do that. Design is an excellent tool to help people solve their creative problems. As long as people still have a problem, I will never run out of a lesson to learn and grow!

What people say


Who have you helped in the past?

No one is too small to make a difference—I assist people ranging from solopreneurs to in-house product teams, from start-ups to tech companies. I enjoy working in an agile team where everyone has a clear role but blurs boundaries. I’m a team player who loves to contribute toward a shared goal and build on top of each other’s ideas.

Who have I helped?


Have you done a project like mine before?

Chances are if I have done a similar project in the past few months—I probably won’t take your project as a courtesy to my client and my professional advancements. Further, I often find myself excited about exploring the unknown rather than repeating the same thing over and over again.


Why should we hire you?

I often find myself jumping onto a project that I have no clue how to do it yet—so yes I’m brave to fail. I am a constantly curious learner. I can come to the table with humility and collaboration rather than a need to prove myself.


Why shouldn’t we hire you?

Besides of most people said I’m weird (I might do something right). I am very comfortable with ambiguity. Well, I’m learning by doing. It can be not very pleasant to people who want to nail down specifics quickly. I explore many possibilities before making a decision.