Kocha is a Sydney-based happy designer whose work encompasses Product Design (UX/UI) and Brand Identity – from ideation to execution with the most empathic design approach.

Kate audit our UX work from a private studio
Kocha Studio Crows Nest Office
Design Sprint with Uno Home Loans
Kocha from Freelaancer.com HQ office
From Kocha’s Desk
Design workshop at Kocha Studio office in Crows Nest
Design workshop with Headstart Lab for a Swaarm app
Kocha in Crows Nest Office 2020


+ Product Design (UI/UX)

Web & Mobile Apps / UI Design / UX Design / Rapid Prototyping / Customer Discovery / Research & Ideation

+ Branding

Marketing Website / Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Guideline / Creative & Art Direction



Why Kocha?

I believe that being able to live a life of service to others is an enormous privilege.

I focus on enhancing other people, share knowledge and build on each other – which always in a case of a friendships relationships.

I only use as many resources as necessary to keep the design simple and accessible.

What people say


Design philosophy?

I listen, I understand, and then I design with other people.

I have no style, nor interested in awards or trends, but form follows function.

The idea comes first, then prototype, and then further improvement based on what I have learned with other people — as simple as that.

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Who I love to work with?

I believe that no one is too small to make a difference.

I assist people ranging from solopreneurs to in-house product teams, from start-ups to tech companies.

If you had an open-minded and can identify a problem, I do my best to find you a design solution (with you).

Have a question?


Will you take a new project?

I am now committed to one of the best meditation product called “Insight Timer”—where I work as a full-time basis and with people I happy to surround with.

With a courtesy, I WILL NOT take a new project if it directs or indirect competition or effecting my hours for “Insight Timer”.

Other than that, I am happy to talk with you on a project-by-project basis — where I will facilitate outside hours or weekend to assist you.


Portfolio publication?

There will be a commission under Kocha Studio™, full-time employment or subcontractor.

Just like other creatives and designer, I display the deliverables as a recognition of creative excellence and professional advancement (portfolio).

In general, after I deliver the project, I will delay my portfolio up to 90 days—or as soon as the project goes public.

I DO NOT work as a white-label.

Kocha asks the right questions and focuses on solving the right problems for our business and customers

Meet the designer

👋🏼 Hello!

I’m Kocha; I will be your designer and a primary point of contact to helps you out with the project.

The way I design is relatively straightforward. I listen to you – as soon as we understand each other, we design together.

Shall we talk about your product today?


Kocha Worapon
Happy Designer × Founder

Kocha Worapon

Kocha combines a deep empathy with the understanding of design principles.

Kocha has a fantastic ability to think strategically and creatively.

May I help you?

I listen, I understand, then I design with you—the most empathic design approach.

Who have I helped: