Independently work with a few clients at a time and probably ask a lot of questions

Kocha Studio — From our desk

What we do

1.Discovery & Strategy

  • Design Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Workshop

2.Digital Product Design

  • UX/UI Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Usability Testing

3.Brand Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative × Ideation

Happy designer & founder

Hi there,

My name is Kocha. I am a Designer and Founder of Kocha Studio.

I work collaboratively (and independently) with other trusted designers (if required) for your project.

You probably see me with the camera.

Kocha Worapon

Frequently asked questions

1. How much do you charge?

Typically, we charge by the project, and a range of incremental components or retainer packages will be charged per hour.  As soon as we understand the scope, we will develop a design proposal with a fix-price quotation for you (no surprises). It might be great if you can let us know about your budget constraint early—so that we can manage our design package around your budgeting.

2. Where is your office located?

We don’t need an office, nor we are not a laptop lifestyle business either. We work remotely from a private studio in Crows Nest, Sydney. With less overhead/operation cost—we help our client access to the professional design at a reasonable price.

3. How’s the team look like?

I (Kocha) will be the designer who works directly with the clients/agencies and serves as a primary contact. I collaborate with a number of my trusted partners as needed—and manage the design team remotely (we never hire an intern or a junior designer to do our clients work). — What people say.

4. Will you provide on-site services?

We provide on-site (client’s office) as much as necessary at the Discovery Phase. However, once the project has moved to the Design Phase, we’ll move back to work from our private studio and apply our skills and expertise on your behalf. On-site services may subject to the budget, depend on scope and location.

5. What is your design process?

There is no one size fit all in a design process. Typically, our design process looks like this:

  1. Initial Meeting.
  2. Design Proposal.
  3. Proposal Approval + 50% Deposit.
  4. Preliminary Work.
  5. Design Workshop.
  6. Intensive Design Phase.
  7. Feedback & Iteration.
  8. Deliverable + Full Payment.

Remark: We only start our preliminary work (include inspecting existing project materials in depth) once the client is entirely engaged with us.

Details in detail

Let’s have a look at how we work.

Uno design sprint
What are we reading so far
Design workshop with our client
Writing a copy for our new website
Kate re-experiencing our client project
We grow our own code
Testing the client prototype
View review our client work as their customer