Designer and constantly curious learner, currently Principal Product Designer at Finder, ex design studio owner and other stuff

Kocha Photo Spining

Relationship is my superpower:

Experiences & industries:

FinTech, Crypto, Home Loans, Construction, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Social well-being, Energy comparison and much more

Things I love doing:

Product Design, Design Direction, Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Traveling, Making Music and more other stuff



Why did you choose Design?

I’m always curious about how things work and why people do what they do. I think design is the best way to learn from others. As long as people still have problems, I will never run out of something to learn from.


Who have you helped?

I think no one is too small to make a difference. But unfortunately, I can’t help everyone. I spent most of my career with people who had extraordinary visions, and I can align my personal goals with them.


Have you done a project like mine before?

Chances are, if I have done a similar project in the past few months—I probably won’t take your project as a courtesy to my client and my professional advancements. Further, I often find myself excited about exploring the unknown rather than repeating the same success.


Why should we hire you?

I often find myself jumping onto a project that I have no clue how to do it yet—so yes I’m brave to fail. I am a constantly curious learner. I can come to the table with humility and collaboration rather than a need to prove myself.


Why shouldn’t we hire you?

I measure twice cut once, and very comfortable with ambiguity. I’m learning by doing and love to explore many possibilities before deciding once. It can be not very pleasant to people who want to nail down specifics quickly.