Once upon a time, there was a man who scored over $100 million from his 11.7% shares after he sold his visionary business.

That man could early retire and enjoy his life, but he took a risk to start another venture, pursue another dream and become ordinary again.

That man risked all his fortune to the new venture and sometimes reached the point where his business was about a month away from bankruptcy (source).

Back then, even though he had remarkable success from the earlier business, it was hard to believe what he believed, and everything he said sounded crazy.

That man was Elon Musk.

If you don’t have to google that name while reading this blog—I think Tesla and SpaceX are still doing fantastic, and we still call Elon Musk the visionary.

Doing something no one has ever done before is a dreamer. Once you succeed, you are the visionary.

Dreamer is a question mark that challenges the status quo. The visionary is a full-stop that settle the new beginning.

Dreamer and delirious have a thin line in between. All the visionary sounded crazy before—the one who remains crazy enough will eventually make the difference.

If you are the dreamer who dreams big enough, someone will criticise your works or even call you crazy. It can even feel like eating glass—but that’s a great sign.

Let me tell you some simple facts. It’s easy to critique something that’s already happened, but it’s never easy to create something before the critique happen.

Critique and creation were different skills.

“Doing something no one has ever done before is a dreamer. Once you succeed, you are the visionary”

I love working with the dreamer because it’s too late to join the visionary. Working with the dreamer is like buying the pre IPO stock, whereas high-understanding, high-return.

If you think Tesla Stock is overvalued today (Jan 2022), you might have a different idea if you bought it pre IPO or before 2020.

The question is will you have a conviction in a company that was about a month away from bankruptcy? Will you believe in the dreamer?

Now let’s get back to the first paragraph. The visionary business that scores Elon Musk over $100 million was PayPal.

You may see the visionary PayPal can become the ordinary PayPal, and ordinary Tesla can become the visionary Tesla.

The big question is—do you have the dreamer in it?

It’s easy to join someone vision, but it’s never easy to follow your dream.