Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.’ —Viktor E. Frankl

Firstly, I’m fortunate to stay in the design industry for more than a decade now. And through life and experiences so far, my design core values are (1.) Anthropology, (2.) Balance, and (3.) Creativity.

Nevertheless, as a design studio, we use the design core values to shape who we are and cocking the design that not just delicious, but also provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life too.

The design core values are not just a promise that I have for my client, but it also defines the reason why I serve my design to other people, who I want to spend time with or even my design process.

We’re all travel so far, just for getting back to our own heart. — Kocha Worapon

As a designer, I spend my whole life to explore my design core values (and still ongoing).

Consequently, when I’m running a design studio, all aspect and services that I’m going to offer will always be running through the design core values.

Based on my experiences so far, here is who we are:

1. Anthropology — เมตตา

The human comes first (เมตตา). We started from the inside, and expand our design to elevating people minds.

We start everything with a heart of kindness. I discovered that all the work I had done that was meaningful and significant came out of an affectionate relationship. It is important that our work should be elevating each other minds and spiritual, includes customer, client and the designer.

2. Balance — มัชฌิมาปฏิปทา

We are striving for the right balance (มัชฌิมาปฏิปทา). We aim for the best possibility via fewer possible resources.

Design should last longer than just a trend. We are aiming for sustainable design, not just an outstanding. The design should strive for “the right balance”, not too less either nor not too much. Well-practising intelligence is how we're solving problems.

3. Creativity — โยนิโสมนสิการ

The idea is who we are. (โยนิโสมนสิการ). We allow our mind to make new connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

We forever explore the world without any agenda and be a creative thinker for all 24/7. We aim to see the world through a new lens every day and embrace sensible risks to gaining a new perspective. Ideas are our invaluable asset that creates assurance for people we work with.

I don’t know how many foods I’ve consumed entire of my life, but I know that my body is the combination of my life and those foods.

Correspondingly, the design core values are the reflection of my designer life and personal experiences so far. Therefore, the design core values can be changed according to the times and seniority. It is a peel-off process to reach the intrinsic.

A short recap. Three points of our design core values.

  1. Anthropology (เมตตา) — The human comes first.
  2. Balance (มัชฌิมาปฏิปทา) — Striving for the right balance.
  3. Creativity (โยนิโสมนสิการ) — The idea is who we are.
Kocha Design Core Values (May 2018)

Discovered: May 2018