Based on my experiences so far, here is who we are:

1. Anthropology — เมตตา

People come first (เมตตา). We started from the inside, and expand our design to elevating people minds.

I discovered that most of the good work I had done in the past has come from a good relationship with the people I work with.

2. Balance — มัชฌิมาปฏิปทา

I’m striving for the right balance (มัชฌิมาปฏิปทา). I aim for the best possibility via fewer possible resources.

Design should last longer than just a trend. Sustainable design, not just an outstanding. The design should strive for “the right balance”, not too less, not too much.

3. Creativity — โยนิโสมนสิการ

Diversity of people × ideas. (โยนิโสมนสิการ). I allow our mind to make new connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

I aim to see the world through a new lens every day and embrace the risks of uncertainty in gaining a new perspective.

Correspondingly, the design core values are the reflection of my designer life and personal experiences so far. Therefore, the design core values can change through the times. It is a peel-off process to reach the intrinsic.