What is the design standards?

Design standards are an expectation between the designer and other people whether the supplier or the client.

The client may expect a certain type or design from a particular design studio. Design Studio may have a certain standard to accept the work from their supplier. It’s a good idea to be clear with your design standards upfront so that we can have the right expectation with the people we work with.

Design Standards that drives Kocha Studio?

Surprisingly, the best design standards are — your standards. It might not be the one that others follow, but it will be the one that works well with others for you.

By far, Kocha Studio™ used these three standards (in order) to notice the good design. (Good design is hard to notice because it fit our needs so well without drawing attention to itself.)

1. Feeling—Appropriate & Aesthetic?

Before we think we feel, does the typography and its hierarchy feel right? How about Colour? Spacing? The basic design foundations can significantly make an impact on how people feel in the digital product.

Rationally, emotional always wins. The design gut feeling has to be right enough to drive action. Otherwise, its solutions will be worthless. Before we try to understand the design, we unconsciously judge the design by it form already.

The feeling intelligence is born from practice. However, it’s not about over designed, it about appropriate.

2. Thinking—Solve the right problem?

Does the design influence its function and usage? The design performs efficiently and intuitive? Importantly, does the design solves the problem after all?

Design Thinking encompasses cognitive and practical in design activities. Good design must have a purpose and elevate the mind.

The thinking intelligence came from educations. Nevertheless, it not about how much you have learned, it about how do you apply. That is to say, Can you make new connections between seemingly unrelated ideas?

3. Sensing—Balance & Creativity?

Great design use as little resources as possible to maximise the benefits.

Design senses is a combination of the ‘right balance’ and ‘creativity’. However, in the digital project, we do not consider dark pattern as creative design at all.

Sensing intelligence has come with experiences. Nevertheless, it not about how old are you. It about what are you doing on a daily basis.

Appendix: Design for all 5 senses →

Why should you care about the design standards?

The design standards not just set the right expectation for the client to the studio. Most clients come to the Design Studio not because they can’t see the solution — it’s because they can’t see the problem. For this reason, the design standards is a great tool that helps us highlight the problem for them.