1. To play table tennis
  2. Ocean balls for kids
  3. Issuing government lottery in Thailand
  4. To play a beer pong
  5. Poke someone nearby
  6. To play golf
  7. To play basketball (make it big)
  8. To play soccer (make it big)
  9. To make a raft (glue a bunch together)
  10. Use as a question for a job interview at Google
  11. As an earrings
  12. Make a ring
  13. As a wind direction indicator
  14. Put the colour inside and pitch it to the wall
  15. Use as a light reflection on the photography set
  16. Write the number on it and use it as a calendar
  17. Bounce it on different surfaces to create a sound
  18. Use it as a diplomatic symbol for China.
  19. To play blowing
  20. As the wheels for a toy car
  21. Cut it in half and use it as a spoon
  22. Dip in colour and paint the Polka Dots (Yayoi Kusama)
  23. Make key-rings
  24. Paintball ammo
  25. Ballon (that does not float up to the sky)
  26. Paint a global map
  27. Cut the pizza (flat it)
  28. A guitar slider
  29. A guitar pick (flat it)
  30. Shoot it to the bin(ket ball)
  31. Make a hole and use it as a plant pot 
  32. Piggy bank (Pong-Gy bank)
  33. Prayer beads necklace
  34. Computer keyboards (Each pong for a key)
  35. Wine glass (cut in half)
  36. Wristwatch
  37. Laptop stand
  38. As a lamp
  39. Logo for a beer company
  40. Lucky draw jar
  41. Write an article about “100 ways to use a ping-pong ball”
  42. Naming your pet
  43. Use them as a mattress
  44. Burn it to make a smell 
  45. Burn it to make a smoke
  46. Fishball noodle for your enemy
  47. Ping pong ball colour for a traffic light
  48. A dog toys
  49. A cat shoes
  50. Seal a hole in the roof
  51. Caulk a hole in the boat
  52. Burn it and use it as a glue
  53. Modelling the solar system
  54. Play hide and seek pong
  55. As abacus
  56. Ultraman goggles
  57. Monster goggles
  58. Kaleidoscope Goggles
  59. Camera lens cover
  60. Camera lens lid
  61. Camera lens hood
  62. Flash soft light
  63. SMS to someone nearby (write a message and pitch it away)
  64. Random chooses machine
  65. Write a message and bury it underground
  66. As a post-it note
  67. As an eraser
  68. Write a non-linear story (multi balls)
  69. Make a headphone
  70. In-ear headphone
  71. Make a bookmark
  72. Test the ink
  73. As an anchored float
  74. As a yoyo
  75. As a short notebook
  76. As a USB drive
  77. As computer mouse
  78. Making rollerblade wheels
  79. Making skateboard wheels
  80. Mkaing thermometer ball
  81. Making compass
  82. Making microphone
  83. Make a font
  84. Unit of measure
  85. Parcel letter
  86. Dreamcatcher
  87. Door knobs
  88. Design the handbag
  89. Pet name
  90. Children name
  91. Plant name
  92. To play badminton
  93. Make a window shade
  94. Design the USB hubs
  95. Design the power bank
  96. Design the children’s kinetic mobile
  97. Ping pong ball as a table (and use table as a ball)
  98. As a chair
  99. As a table
  100. Put 2 balls after number 1 = 1OO