Spoiler alert! The perfect workplace doesn’t exist. Either you create one or be happy with unhappiness—your choice.

Like meditation, reading, journaling, or exercise, work should be a part of life, not a burden. Within the delegated hours, I treat work as one of my routines.

When it comes to being happy at work, I don’t scour for a perfect workplace. I seek what makes me happy at work and let it lead me.

I keep an eye on the tasks that put me in the flow zone where I’m unaware that so much time has passed, and the things I do keep astonishing me.

I am a Product Designer. I love making stuff with others and seeing people using it. There is no point in having me do something else. That was a manager job.

The point is if you know what makes you happy at work, you will always make choices based on your unique values, not a secondhand knowledge of others.

I have found that being who I wanted to be before I could be is much easier than waiting for someone to allow me to be.

“Being who I wanted to be before I could be is much easier than waiting for someone to allow me to be”

Denzel Washington once said, “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

Want to be a manager? Be it now. Don’t wait for someone to permit you. Start to manage people around you include your manager, and see how it’s going.

Create your role and write your job descriptions. If it works, it works—if it doesn’t work, you’ll learn.

We all can personalise our work environment to optimise our performance. Taking responsibility and being happy at work is a choice and not making a choice is a choice too.

Even if you don’t have an opportunity to shine your magic out or are not in a position where people can see you, you always have a door. Stay or leave is up to you.

People won’t readily accept your resignation if you are good. On the other hand, if they accepted it, you were in the wrong place, and it’s better to move on anyway.

Want to be happy at work? Start making a choice now.