iOS, Android and mobile web design for a global crowdsourcing marketplace company used by 25+ million people.

Feb.2016 – Jul.2018
Freelancer Mobile App Design

The challenge

Revision the way people experience mobile products (iOS, Android and Mobile Web) and empower 25+ million people to make their dream come life.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Get started

We already have a lot of feedback from the previous app. We get started by creating a system to analyse, categorise and prioritise the Q.A. tickets and gathering a product backlog to plan our sprints.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Learn from our user

We called our user “people”. We regularly talk with them, develop UX-Flow with them and learn numerous ideas such as:

  • Most of the Employer come from iOS funnels
  • Most of the Freelancer come from Android funnels
  • People use mobile as an extension of web products
  • People seeking from the Messenger to build trust  
  • People need a tool to manage the projects
  • People need tools that help them find projects or freelancer
  • and a lots mooooooore!
Freelancer Mobile App Design

Mobile design system

Everyone on a mobile team is a great UX Designer + idea generator. Beyond our sketch process, we build a Mobile Design System to capture and visualise the idea at a snapshot.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Work off wall

With a UX-Flow and Mobile Design System we have, we can knock out many ideas within a short period of time, and we can gather the team to work together on a wall (usually it just like a war).

Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design

The first experience

We onboarding our people and we pick a point to release so we can learn more and iterate fast. However, the first experience must be promising, so we use the “Freelancer Brand Promise” to convey what the app offering.

Freelancer Mobile App DesignFreelancer Mobile App DesignFreelancer Mobile App Design

The navigations

We’ve tested many betas to define the meaning of our navigation and make sure that we give the right tools for 25+ million people.

My Projects

Home for the most activities and a folder of your progression.

Post a Project

Where the dream become reality and kick -off a great journey.


A tool that helps people get back on the right track.

Browse Project

Where our A.I. meet human and discover a great journey together


Where the dream become reality and kick -off a great journey.

My Account

Manage and custom how you like to present yourself.

Freelancer Mobile App DesignFreelancer Mobile App Design

iOS & Android?

We aim to makes it Freelancer rather than iOS or Android just yet. However, we pay a lot of attention to the details and common pattern on each platform to make sense about it.

Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design

Things we’ve learned

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate! There is no handoff in our product design, we continually idea, validate & iterate towards a solution and here is some of what we've learned on this project so far:

  • If you like to go fast go alone but if you like to go far go together
  • Learn about people first then develop the Design System
  • Prototype, validate, Iterate and repeat
  • Invision + Usertesting is our best friends
  • Don't release everything at the same time
  • The sketch process must include the engineering team
  • Have too much =  don't have it
  • If artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the keys, talk to Data Science
  • Not all the upsell is a good idea, read the contextual first
  • Looking for the purpose first not the data
Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design

What people say

Kocha leads the mobile with creativity. Kocha redesigned both the iOS and Android app, created & brainstorm new features which lead to a huge boost to our mobile stats.

Jack Lian, Software Engineer (Android)

Kocha created new design direction for our Freelancer mobile apps on both ios and android. Regarding creativity and user experience, Kocha is one of the artists who make his products talk for him”

— Tran To, Software Engineer (iOS)

Freelancer’s culture

Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture

Scope of works

Discovery phase

  • Initial research
  • Design strategy
  • Usability testing

Team and culture

  • Build the design team
  • Mobile design system
  • Project coordination

Product design

  • UI/UX design
  • Ideation/workshop
  • Rapid prototyping

Team and credit

James Peter Cooper-Stanbury
Marco Prayer Galletti
Diego Moliterno
Kocha Worapon

+ Design Team
+ Data Science
+ iOS/Android Engineer
+ API Team

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