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What people say

— Selected testimonials from LinkedIn

Lauren Hertel
July 12, 2019

Kocha produced great design that encapsulated our brand.

Kocha was easy to work with, very prompt and produced great design work that encapsulated our brand.

— Lauren Hertel, Director at Disburse It

Elijah Thai
July 8, 2019

Kocha asks the right questions and focuses on solving the right problems for our business and customers

Kocha is no doubt a skilful and talented UX UI designer with a perfect blend between vision and execution. He is meticulous in the detail but always seeking clarity in the bigger picture.

He asks the right questions and focuses on solving the right problems for our business and customers. This attribute alone makes him more valuable than many of the UX UI Designers I've worked with.

Kocha also possesses the ability to deliver within the project timeline without compromising the quality of the work. I'd highly recommend him and his team for any digital projects

— Elijah Thai, Co-founder at Headstart Lab

Anh Nguyen
July 2, 2019

Kocha is no doubt a valuable asset to any digital project!

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Kocha! I was particularly impressed by his ability to go the extra mile to get to know his client's needs.

Not only Kocha wowed us with high quality work but we were so impressed by his professionalism and thoughtful process.

Kocha is no doubt a valuable asset to any digital project!

— Anh Nguyen, Product Strategy at Headstart Lab

Vincent Turner
November 26, 2018

Kocha is a deep empathy for the end user

Kocha is the rare breed of designer who combines (in no particular order) a deep empathy for the end user, an intimate understanding of design principles, especially around UI & mobile, a meticulous and solid work ethic and an all round friendly demeanour.

We (at uno) have engaged him on two projects and found his work to be of high quality and his communication excellent throughout. Like all great creative people he thrives when given plenty of context, latitude and creative space. Thanks for everything Kocha

— Vincent Turner, CIO & Founder at Uno home loans

Caleb Gibbins
November 12, 2018

Kocha simplified experiences with intuitive design

Kocha helped design the very first version of the Cache mobile application. With an amazing ability to simplify user experiences and design intuitive customer journeys, Kocha produces both technically excellent work, and aesthetically beautiful.

Kocha brought a new level of passion, energy and professionalism to the team. He was very hands-on with the project and shared the vision of our team as if his own.

I highly recommend working with Kocha and look forward to working with him again in the future.

— Caleb Gibbins, CEO & Founder at Cache

Andy Coffey
September 19, 2018

Kocha brought incredible energy to the project

I was lucky enough to work with Kocha on a recent project with Uno Home Loans. We had tight deadlines and a rather ambitious end-to-end design review of an existing mobile app.

And yet, Kocha was able to over deliver and delight us with his final solution.Along with his insightful design thinking and beautifully crafted designs, Kocha also brought an incredible passion and energy to the project. He kept us well informed on progress and shared his ideas early so we could iterate together and ultimately arrive at the best solution.It’s hard to articulate exactly… but there’s an attention to detail in every question Kocha asked and every interaction we had along the project’s journey… not to mention every artefact he delivered.

Just a delight to work with and I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.‍

— Andy Coffey, Design Lead at Uno home loans

Carl Prins
May 8, 2018

Our product has come to life in a wonderfully intuitive way

I started working with Kocha when our product was at it’s very inception. Building v1.0 of a new product is extremely challenging, but with Kocha’s help our product has come to life in a wonderfully intuitive way.

The ability to give Kocha a conceptual UX problem to solve and then work through his many great ideas was a great learning experience for me. We gave Kocha a few curve balls, like dealing with Branding at the same time as setting up the initial UX and Kocha always delivered the goods.I benefited from Kocha’s thoughtful application of his skills and experience as a product designer and have a new appreciation for the power of great design.

I would highly recommend Kocha and his agency.‍

— Carl Prins, CEO & Co–Founder at Handled

Apattra Hongsuwong
May 1, 2018

Kocha is a powerhouse of creativity and leads a team with ease and is extremely efficient

Kocha is a powerhouse of creativity and is a very accomplished designer and director. He can lead a team with ease and is extremely efficient.

During my time at Freelancer.com Kocha was the Mobile design team lead. He pushed user interaction, satisfaction and retention to an all time high, accomplished his tasks to brief and usually ahead of time. I was lucky to have worked with him on a few projects and the direction he gave me to animate and create was clear and direct. There were few revisions as he knew what he needed down to the pixel and motion.

He also created and tested new products for the mobile team which made the process of the product more efficient. He is extremely design minded, professional and has a great working attitude. Anyone would be lucky to have them on their team.

— Apattra Hongsuwong, Motion Graphic at Freelancer.com

Lin Mei
August 21, 2017

Kocha think holistically and has a meticulous eye for details

Kocha is a super talented designer and conceptual thinker. He not only has a meticulous eye for details, also can think holistically.He designs for users’ need as well as meeting business goals.

Kocha is modest, passionate and a good listener, which is very important trait when designing for people.

He is absolutely a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Kocha’s work ethics and solid skills.‍

— Lin Mei, Senior Product Designer at Freelancer.com

Jack Lian
July 21, 2017

Kocha redesigned iOS and Android that lead to a huge boost to our mobile stats

Kocha leads the mobile design with passion and creativity. He redesigned both the iOS and Android app, created and brainstorm new mobile features which lead to a huge boost to our mobile stats.

Kocha works well with everybody and is very well liked by the team. Kocha is very dedicated to his craft and seeks to improve himself everyday.

It was great to work with Kocha and it would be a huge pleasure to work with him again in the future.

— Jack Lian, Android Engineer at Freelancer.com

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Things we’ve learned with other people so far

— Selected commission, project, contract, and full-time.

Fulltime · FEB 2016–JUL 2017

Mobile products (iOS, Andriod, Mobile Web) for global crowdsourcing company, used by 25+ million of users.

Uno home loans
Commission · JUL 2018

Design sprint and refinance experience on the mobile web for Australia’s largest online mortgage broker.

Commission · FEB 2016

UX/UI Design and Rapid Prototyping for a smart home loans platform that match customers with the right loan.

Absolut Vodka
Project · 2009–2010

Creative, Flash interaction, Facebook application, Digital campaign & identity for Absolut Parc Thailand.

Courtesy MullenLowe Thailand
Jacob’s Creek
Project · 2009–2010

Advertising, Flash interaction, localised design and digital campaign for Jacob’s Creek Thailand.

Courtesy MullenLowe Thailand
Louis Vuitton
PROJECT · 2011

Editorial design for “In the traveller’s palm—a pocket guide to Singapore 2011/2012”

Courtesy: The Ate Group (Singapore)
Project · MAY 2016

Wire transfer experience, digital identity, eBay integrated web style guide and rapid prototyping.

project · OCT 2016

iOS, Andriod and mobile web app for Australia’s Largest Startup & Growth Conference. (Hackathon)

Warrior Forum
FULLTIME · AUG 2015–FEB 2016

Feed experience V.1 and Official redesign for the number #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace.

FULLTIME · AUG 2012–JUL 2015

Creative direction, Brand identity, Web app, mobile app for Australia’s largest ‘What’s On’ website.

Commission · AUG–NOV 2017

Creative direction, Brand identity, marketing website, iOS app design and interaction design.

Cache Invest
Commission · NOV–DEC 2018

Design research, strategy and execute an iOS app design for a smart investment platform.

contract · Apr—May 2019

Transforming an initial UX flow and key wireframe into digital product design and clickable prototype.

Courtesy: Headstart Lab
Commission · May–Jun 2019

Establish initial product experiences with interface design, landing page and web-app rapid prototyping.

Commission · JUL-DEC.2018

Strategies design, visual identity and iOS app design for a smart video interview platform from Thailand.