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— Selected testimonials from LinkedIn

Patrick Connolly
October 28, 2019

Kocha turns a vision into a product that unrivalled

Kocha is truly one of the most talented and genuine designers I have ever come across.

The project Kocha was engaged to undertake was exceptionally challenging, required meticulous focus and dedication as the scope continued to expand and timelines changed unpredictably as the product unfolded.

Kocha always went above and beyond to meet our finish dates & his quality was second to none. I would highly recommend using Kocha for any digital design work you require as his ability to turn a vision into a product is unrivalled.

Above all - Kocha is a genuinely good person that will always put your needs and interests as his first priority.

— Patrick Connolly, CEO & founder at Anility

Lauren Hertel
July 12, 2019

Kocha produced great design that encapsulated our brand

Kocha was easy to work with, very prompt and produced great design work that encapsulated our brand.

— Lauren Hertel, Director at Disburse It

Elijah Thai
July 8, 2019

Kocha asks the right questions and focuses on solving the right problems for our business and customers

Kocha is no doubt a skilful and talented UX UI designer with a perfect blend between vision and execution. He is meticulous in the detail but always seeking clarity in the bigger picture.

He asks the right questions and focuses on solving the right problems for our business and customers. This attribute alone makes him more valuable than many of the UX UI Designers I've worked with.

Kocha also possesses the ability to deliver within the project timeline without compromising the quality of the work. I'd highly recommend him and his team for any digital projects

— Elijah Thai, Co-founder at Headstart Lab

Anh Nguyen
July 2, 2019

Kocha is no doubt a valuable asset to any digital project!

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Kocha! I was particularly impressed by his ability to go the extra mile to get to know his client's needs.

Not only Kocha wowed us with high quality work but we were so impressed by his professionalism and thoughtful process.

Kocha is no doubt a valuable asset to any digital project!

— Anh Nguyen, Product Strategy at Headstart Lab

Vincent Turner
November 26, 2018

Kocha is a deep empathy for the end user

Kocha is the rare breed of designer who combines (in no particular order) a deep empathy for the end user, an intimate understanding of design principles, especially around UI & mobile, a meticulous and solid work ethic and an all round friendly demeanour.

We (at uno) have engaged him on two projects and found his work to be of high quality and his communication excellent throughout. Like all great creative people he thrives when given plenty of context, latitude and creative space. Thanks for everything Kocha

— Vincent Turner, CIO & Founder at Uno home loans

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