Handled app

Brand identity and iOS app design for a SaaS company that helps people get on a better energy deal.

Aug.2017 – Aug.2018
handled app

The challenge

Handled is disrupting the traditional idea of each (and every) household control their energy future. They providing a smart technology that helps people find a better deal and pay less for energy.

They challenged us to evoke a new way people experience their mobile product and establish an all-encompassing brand experience and personality.

handled app
handled app
handled app
handled app

Our approach

Handled walk through the mystery of the energy industry in Australia and assigned their UX Researcher + Marketing Agency to work with us to gain a perspective of their purpose in a business goal.We developed the AAA strategy to help Handled tackle the experience design solutions and revision the visual identity to make it scales and systemiser.

Freelancer Mobile App Design
handled app
handled app
handled app

AAA strategy

Our goal is to help people to pay less for energy; we developed the AAA strategy to help them stay on top of the games:

1.  Aware—be questioning

  • Compare with another household
  • Energy benchmark
  • Awareness of a better deal

2.  Action—be in charge

  • Compare the deal
  • Switch the deal
  • Set the saving target

3.  Active—be control

  • Tracking on a better deal
  • Billing benchmark
  • Inspire with the results

Mobile app design

Selected screen and pattern framework

handled app designhandled app designhandled app designhandled app designhandled app design

The art of communication

Listening is the way we speak. We invite our client to involve our creative process and making a critical decision together. We sketch through freehand and high tempo bouncing our ideas regularly.

handled app design
handled app design

What people say

Building v1.0 of a new product is extremely challenging, but with Kocha's help our product has come to life in a wonderfully intuitive way.

The ability to give Kocha a conceptual UX problem to solve and then work through his many great ideas was a great learning experience for me.

I benefited from Kocha's thoughtful application of his skills and experience as a product designer and have a new appreciation for the power of great design. I would highly recommend Kocha and his agency

Carl Prins, CEO & Co–Founder at Handled

Landing page

High tempo testing tool for Handled marketing

handled landing pagehandled landing pagehandled landing pagehandled landing pagehandled landing pagehandled landing page

Things we’ve learned so far

  • Don’t start with the product; start with a need or want
  • Communicates benefit, not features
  • Give users a context and require only 1-action at a time
  • Sketch sell the idea better (together) than a final product
  • Appropriate design strategy accelerate growth
handled app design
handled app design

Scope of works

Discovery phase

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Initial research
  • Design strategy

Brand identity

  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Design assets

Product design

  • Experience design
  • Interface design
  • Rapid prototyping

Team and credit

Carl Prins
Mick Badran
David Wilson
Ayça Ipekcan
Kocha Worapon

Cover mockup
+ Graphicsfuel

Brands assistant
+ Murmur Group
+ M Media Strategy

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