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UI/UX Design for an online mortgage broker that help Australians win home loans through smart technology.

uno home loans - refinance

The challenge

74% of Australians don’t bother refinancing their loan because of how much effort it takes.

uno. challenged us to simplify a complex refinancing process into an intuitive mobile experience that scale and avoids an hour of legwork & hassle filling out forms.

We helped uno robust their mobile web experience and simplify a refinance process to around 10 minutes of effort
uno home loans - refinance
uno home loans - refinance

Our approach

We get started our baseline evaluation by study uno exiting branding, style guide and user interview.

uno also provide us with their rough UI components and different variations of user journey/flow (initial concept).

We take off from initial concept and develop a quick idea on top of the typical pattern and align our new foundation into the design system to fast forward the screen design part.

uno home loans - refinance
Official styleguide from uno.
uno home loans - refinance
User interview provided by uno + our internal interview.

Quick ideas

Initial pattern from the new design foundation

uno home loans - refinance

Design Foundation

Modularity Atomic Design approach (Atoms, Molecules and Organisms) with 8pt Google Material Design Grid System as the go-to source of truth.

uno home loans - refinance

Designed for interruption

Pre-questions is the first experience (even before login or create an account). We help people reduce friction from a complex refinance task with the “Parallel UI Design” (rather than “Linear UI Design”).

We allow the user to layer gestures at the speed of thought and interrupt the flow if needed.

Before we jump into the design context, here is what does it mean:

1.  Linear UI Design — Gesture happens after thought

Thought → Decision → Gesture → Release

2.  Parallel UI Design — Gesture happens with thought

[Thought + Gesture]  →  [Decision + Release]

uno home loans - refinance
Linear UI Design
uno home loans - refinance
Parallel UI Design
Parallel UI in Design Context

Kocha brought incredible energy to the project

Mobile Web Design

Selected experiences, screen and patterns (not in-order)

uno home loans - refinanceuno home loans - refinanceuno home loans - refinanceuno home loans - refinanceuno home loans - refinance
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Rapid Prototyping

What people say

Epic! Super pumped to see all this live and the impact it's going to have!”

— Vincent Turner, CIO & Founder at Uno home loans


I was lucky enough to work with Kocha on a recent project with uno Home Loans. We had tight deadlines and a rather ambitious end-to-end design review of an existing mobile app. And yet, Kocha was able to over deliver and delight us with his final solution.

Along with his insightful design thinking and beautifully crafted designs, Kocha also brought an incredible passion and energy to the project. He kept us well informed on progress and shared his ideas early so we could iterate together and ultimately arrive at the best solution.

It’s hard to articulate exactly… but there’s an attention to detail in every question Kocha asked and every interaction we had along the project’s journey… not to mention every artefact he delivered. Just a delight to work with and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future.

— Andy Coffey, Product Lead at Uno home loans

Scope of works

Discover & Strategy

  • Baseline Evaluation
  • Research
  • Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture

Product Design (UX/UI)

  • User Flow Mapping
  • UI Design & Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Design System & Foundation

Team & Credit

Vincent Turner
Andy Coffey
Kocha Worapon

We listen, we understand, then we design.

You’ll work directly with the creator, and we probably ask a lot of questions.

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