Freelancer timeline

New flagship experience design for a global crowdsourcing marketplace company used by 25+ million people.
Aug.2016 – Jul.2017
Freelancer timeline

The challenge

We ask ourselves do we do our best possibility or we just play safe with the data? Today we challenge ourselves with a new feature that entirely change the way people manage their project at, and we called it “Timeline”—(Version 1).

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Focuses on objectives

For many years, we have has a project view page (PVP) that display 1. Project Details, 2. Proposal and 3. Management. People can nonlinear jumping between each feature at a random time.

We have noticed that a significant percentage from many metrics that people get lost, and have a difficult to find what's next important thing to perform.

We approach this problem by simplifying the task and asking a critical question “How might we make a project become a linear process?” so people can always focus on a thing at a time and stay on top of their objectives at a giving point of time.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Iterate, iterate, iterate...

We pick a point to release our beta and iterate over and over with our test group. We fill the room with the screens and gradually sketch out what we've missed from the iteration process with a team.

A big shout out for Data Science Team that was massively testing this product out and grow our Confluence and Jira along the way.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Project timeline

We need at least 2 sides of people, which is 1. Employer (Who need their dream come true) and 2. Freelancer (Who magically make thing happen).

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Aha moment

Once the employer “Post a Project”, we’re kicking off the Timeline with the Aha-moment. Which means the employer will see a lot of people bid on their project straight away within ~30 seconds.

Freelancer Mobile App Design

Employer timeline

Employer timeline process gets started by the employer “Post a Project”, then:

  1. Award freelancer to work on the project
  2. Manage the project milestone and payment
  3. Leave a review to freelancer
  4. Rehire or post a new project
Freelancer Mobile App Design

Freelancer timeline

Freelancer timeline process gets started by the employer “Award their bid” and follows by:

  1. Accept The Project
  2. Manage the project milestone and payment
  3. Leave a review for Employer
  4. Browse another project to work on
Freelancer Mobile App Design

Things we’ve learned so far

The “Timeline” design makes a positive impact on many aspects of We see significant growth in the revenue, product and mobile team. We justify the way we design and improve the way we track/test with the idea+data. Here is what we’ve learned from the “Timeline” so far:

  • Start the day with a Coffee + Usertesting
  • Another coffee with Data Scientist and Invision App
  • Prototyping many new ideas with Product Manager (PM)
  • To make a big impact, prepare for small details
  • Work on a better question trough solutions
  • Progression over perfection
  • Learn from human more than a robot
  • Fail forward to succeed
  • Prototyping, testing, iterating and repeating
  • Answering with questioning

Freelancer Mobile App Design

What people say

Kocha pushed user interaction, satisfaction and retention to an all-time high. Kocha created and tested new products for the mobile team which made the process of the product more efficient

Apattra Hongsuwong, Motion graphic designer at

Freelancer Mobile App Design
Freelancer Mobile App Design

Freelancer’s culture

Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture
Freelancer’s Culture

Scope of works

Discovery phase

  • Initial research
  • Design strategy
  • Usability testing

Team and culture

  • Build the design team
  • Mobile design system
  • Project coordination

Product design

  • UI/UX design
  • Ideation/workshop
  • Rapid prototyping

Team and credit

James Peter Cooper-Stanbury
Marco Prayer Galletti
Diego Moliterno
Kocha Worapon

+ Design Team
+ Data Science
+ iOS/Android Engineer
+ API Team

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Next work

Kocha’s Experimental Project

Brand identity & Responsive web design and developments (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) for one-page website.