Cache invest

Mobile app design for a unique investment platform that let people diversified portfolios and invests from their saving.
Cache mobile app design

The challenge

Cache is a highly differentiated financial technology that aims to compete with traditional financial services and offer an investment product that direct to the retail customers.

In late 2018, Cache engages us to formulate a design strategy and build rapid prototyping a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate their hypothesis, form a team and raise funds.

*Brands are provided from our client.

Cache mobile app design
Cache mobile app design

Mobile app design (UX/UI)

Cache mobile app v.1 — late 2018

Cache mobile app designCache mobile app design
Cache mobile app designCache mobile app design

Rapid prototyping

We work closely with Cache’s CEO (Caleb Gibbins) to frame a user story base-on his assumption of beta target/tester users.

We iterate to the mobile app on the go with a flexible design system and validate the product core-value to finalise the new prototyping (v1) in late 2018.

Cache uses our prototype to build their team and raise a fund in early 2019.


Courtesy to our client, we can not display the prototyping work here. Please find more on Cache website at:

Kocha simplified experiences with intuitive design

Kocha helped design the very first version of the Cache mobile application. With an amazing ability to simplify user experiences and design intuitive customer journeys, Kocha produces both technically excellent work, and aesthetically beautiful.

Kocha brought a new level of passion, energy and professionalism to the team. He was very hands-on with the project and shared the vision of our team as if his own.

— Caleb Gibbins, CEO & Founder at Cache

Scope of works

Discovery phase

  • Initial research
  • Design strategy
  • Design workshop

Product design

  • User experience
  • Interface design
  • iOS app design

Interaction design

  • Consultations
  • Flow & story
  • Clickable prototyping

Team and credit

Caleb Gibbins
Kocha Worapon

Cache Official Website

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