Why did you choose Design?

I believe being able to live a life of service to others is an enormous privilege. I am learning by helping people solve their complex problems with the design.

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What is your design philosophy?

I have no philosophy and not interested in awards or design trends, but form follows function. The idea comes first, then prototype, then further improvement based on what we have learned  —  as simple as that.

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Who have you helped in the past?

I believe that no one is too small to make a difference. I assist people ranging from solopreneurs to in-house product teams, from start-ups to tech companies. If you had open-minded and willing to identify a problem, I do my best to help you find a design solution.

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What motivates you at work?

Motivation is emotional and not reliable. As a professional designer, I don’t have the privilege to wait for emotions. Discipline works much better for me. I only need a quiet place to get started, and continuing will be much easier.


Have you done a project like mine before?

Chances are if I recently have done a similar project in the past few months — I probably won’t take your project as a courtesy to my client and professional advancements. Nevertheless, I often find myself exploring unrealistic yet intriguing ideas rather than repeating the same process over and over again.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I often find myself excited about the challenging problem. And I always admire the freeform shape of nature and the magic of music.


Why should we hire you?

I am a constantly curious learner. I can come to the table with humility and collaboration rather than a need to prove myself.


Why shouldn’t we hire you?

As a designer, I am very comfortable with ambiguity, and I learn by doing. It can be annoying to people who want to nail down specifics quickly.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself growing as an individual contributor who learns something new with other people every single day (and perhaps, I may have my hit track on Spotify!)


Portfolio publication terms?

Just like other creatives and designers, I display the design work as a recognition of creative excellence. In general, after I deliver the project, I will delay my portfolio up to 90 days — or as soon as the project goes public. Sorry, I DO NOT work as a white label.

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