1. Why we do what we love?

We believe that being able to live a life of service to others is an enormous privilege.

The focus of Kocha Studio™ is enhancing people we work with as well as our clients’ businesses.

We only use as many resources as necessary to keep the studio simple, affordable, and accessible.

2. Studio’s philosophy?

We listen, we understand, and then we design with our clients.

We love to share knowledge and build on top of each other’s ideas. We have no style, nor are we interested in awards or trends, but form follows function.

The idea comes first, then prototype, and then further improvement based on what we’ve learned—as simple as that.

3. Pricing structure?

We tailor-made our service to suit each clients’ needs differently.

Typically, we charge per project and for iterative-based design process can be charged on a daily rate.

Our payment terms:

  1. The initial deposit is due before any work commences
  2. The remaining balance and additional fees (if any) are payable within seven days
  3. For additional scopes and revisions that cost extra, you will always be notified beforehand

4. Where is your office?

We don’t need an office, nor are we a laptop-lifestyle business. We meet in person with the client but work remotely from a private studio in Crows Nest, Sydney.

With less overhead and operation costs, we hope to offer a more affordable alternative solution to our clients and focus on solving their business problems (not our operation cost).

However, if you don’t have an office, we can arrange one for you during the project.

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5. Process for a new design project?

We only start our design work (including inspecting existing project materials in-depth) once the client is entirely engaged and the initial deposit has been made.

Typically, our process for a new project will look like this:

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Tailor-made design proposal
  3. Proposal approval and initial deposit
  4. Preliminary work
  5. Design workshop
  6. Intensive design phase
  7. Feedback and iteration
  8. Deliverable and full payment

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6. What does Kocha™ team look like?

Although Kocha Studio™ is a design team of one — but from time to time, if required, we also collaborate with several trusted partners and manage a project team remotely (if any).

The client will work directly with the designer who serves as a primary contact, and also considered as a team member too.

7. Who is the studio’s client?

We believe that no one is too small to make a difference.

We assist people ranging from solopreneurs to in-house client teams, from start-ups to tech companies.Furthermore, we’re happy to collaborate with another design firm or agency.

If you are in Sydney and had an open-minded, we would love to meet you.

8. What do you expect from a client?

If you can identify a problem, we do our best to find you a solution.

It’s okay if you might not have the right words to describe your needs yet, we can work together to reveal your requirements.

There’s a difference between involvement and commitment. We expect our clients to commit their valuable time with us and then allow us to design on their behalf—which is always in the case of a friendship relationship.

9. Portfolio publication terms?

Just like other creatives and design firm, we display the deliverables created for a client as a recognition of creative excellence and professional advancement (portfolio).

In general, after we deliver the project, we will delay our portfolio up to 90 days—or as soon as the project goes public. If you require more than 90 days, please let us know in advance, as we are happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis and additional cost may apply.

Sorry, we DO NOT work as a white-label.

10. What if a project needs to be cancelled?

For the client’s convenience, cancellations are effective immediately upon notice and can be made at any time by either party or by the mutual agreement of both parties.

Your contract will outline the obligations in the event of cancellation or termination.

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