Let me confess, I wasn’t a fan of the company org chart, especially when I hang around at the bottom.

The fast-paced working culture makes me believe I should always want to have more because of limited time and resources.

Whether it’s more salary, impressive job title or exceptional opportunity, I chase it all and envy everyone who achieved more than me.

It took me so long to get lost in this trap in the early part of my career. I write this blog to remind myself to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Now, let’s consider what the opposite side of envy is?

I think the opposite side of envy is learning. There is something you don’t know—that’s why you envy.

Let’s say if someone presents my works and take all the credits. Boom! I just got a new lesson to learn—presentation.

Or maybe my colleague got promoted over me. Great! I now have a template on how to get promoted and don’t have to scramble around randomly.

What if the template above doesn’t suit me? Fantastic! If I can find what doesn’t work from past success, I will develop my unique achievement.

Or if I disagree with the template that got my friend a promotion. Excellent! I discovered that I was staying in the wrong place.

“The opposite side of envy is learning”

I now celebrate other people’s successes and don’t feel down if I achieve less. I seek out people who can inspire me and are constantly curious to learn from them.

Maybe the top of the pyramid doesn’t have what you want. Perhaps running out of something to learn is much scarier than hanging around at the bottom of the org chart.

Sure, salary matters. But it means nothing if the more you earn is the more you spend. If you don’t know how to grow your money—you are working for free.

Yes, job title matters. But you have to return it when you leave the company. Relationships last longer and generate more possibilities in the long run.

Of course, opportunity matters. But have you ever asked yourself if you don’t have the opportunity or simply don’t recognise it once it happens?

Truly happy for others success doesn’t mean I lost my ambition (in fact, I have it even more). I will wait for my time, and in the meantime, I enjoy learning what I’ve missed.

No more winner takes all. The rise of winner learns all.

Now, I envy you that you have read this article. You now can avoid many of my mistakes and will be achieving more and much faster than me : )